Monday, 26 October 2009

golpes que não são pesados


'Light Blows'

Israeli prosecutors have defended their decision not to press charges against soldiers filmed beating Palestinians, arguing the victims were not seriously hurt. In August 2008, a number of Israeli border officers in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds were caught on their own cell phone camera beating, abusing and humiliating Palestinian civilians. In one of the videos, a Palestinian is filmed twisting in pain after he is repeatedly struck in the stomach. A second Palestinian is shown being hit on the back of his neck by an officer who lifts his shirt and pulls down his trousers a few inches. In the second film, Israeli forces humiliate another Palestinian, by forcing him to salute and stand to attention a number of times. One of the officers refuses to return his papers until he is deemed to have carried out the salute correctly. Israel's deputy state prosecutor Shai Nitzan refused to act against the officers, saying their victims were struck with 'light blows that did not cause real damage'. (Reference for text: Press TV. Photo: Maan/file)
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