Friday, 21 August 2009

JCSER: "Israel forca os palestinianos de Jerusalém a demolir as suas próprias casas"


JCSER: "Israel is forcing Palestinians in Jerusalem to demolish their own homes"

The Jerusalem Center for Social and Economical Rights (JSCER) issued a press release stating that the Israeli authorities in Jerusalem are forcing Jerusalemite Palestinians to demolish their own homes.


The JCSER said that the Israeli authorities forced 18 Palestinians families to demolish their homes since last July rendering 136, mainly women and children, homeless.

The residents are forced to do so because if the Jerusalem municipality demolishes their homes using its equipment and workers it sends them the bill. Usually the bill mounts to dozens of thousands of Israeli Shekels.

In July, 10 Palestinians were forced to demolish their own homes and 70 Palestinians became homeless.

The center added that the areas that are the focus home demolitions in the Old City, Jabal Al Mukabber, Silwan and At Tour.

It further said that there are dozens of pending demolition orders in Jerusalem, in addition to hundreds of orders targeting additions to existing homes.

The Research and Documentation Department at the JCSER said that two families (16 persons) had to demolish their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem and Jabal Al Mukabber in May.

In April, the Israeli authorities removed a mobile home inhibited by a family living in Al Tour; eight family members became homeless.

The mobile home belongs to Ali Hasan Al Ja’ba, he and his family had to use a mobile home as the Israeli authorities demolished his home two years ago.

Also in April, the Israeli authorities demolished a commercial building located in Nablus Street, in Jerusalem. The building belongs to Mahmoud Al Shweiky, and was licensed by the Jerusalem municipality more than 20 years ago.

In March, the Israeli authorities forced one resident, identified as Mahammad Attoun, from Sur Baher, south of the Old City, to demolish his home. The home in question, 100 square-meters, was inhibited by 8 family members.

The JCSER added that such orders also targeted Jerusalemite Palestinians living in homes rented from the Greek Orthodox and the Armenian churches.

Some of the homes are even located inside ministries. Six families received the demolition orders, the JCSER reported.

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