Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"Idosos" por Gaza

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Elders to Gaza

Former President Jimmy Carter said August 7 he is planning a return trip to Gaza in an effort to focus international attention on the humanitarian crisis. Carter who called Israel's 2-year-old blockade of Gaza an "atrocity" and said people there are being treated like animals, told an audience at the August 6-7 Midwest Region New Baptist Covenant celebration in Norman, Okla., that he is returning later this month "to try to let the world know what's happening to the people there." Carter will travel as part of a delegation of the Elders -- a group of eminent global leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela -- visiting Israel, the West Bank and Gaza at the end of August. The delegation, led by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, also includes Desmond Tutu -- along with Carter a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize -- and billionaire Richard Branson, who helped establish and bankroll the Elders, an independent group of influential personalities dedicated to peacemaking and alleviating human suffering. Touring the Middle East after monitoring elections in Lebanon June 7, Carter said in remarks at Cairo University that Palestinians in Gaza are being "starved to death" and living on fewer calories per day than people living in the poorest parts of Africa. (Reference for text: Associated Baptist Press. Photo: Via Google/file)
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