Tuesday, 11 August 2009

confrontos entre colonatos e residentes da Sheikh Jarrah


Clashes reported between settlers and residents in Sheikh Jarrah

Palestinian sources in Jerusalem reported that a group of extremist settlers, led by two right-wing members of Knesset, broke into Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem in support of expelling the Palestinians out of their homes.


Clashes were reported between the settlers and the residents; several residents were injured.

The settlers were renewed on Sunday afternoon when right-wing members of Knesset Yacov Katz and Uri Ariel, members of the National Union religious party, visited the two settler families that replaced the Palestinians families who lost their homes to the settlers last week.

The Israeli police kidnapped two residents of Sheikh Jarrah while several other residents were injured when nearly 30 settlers broke into a protest test in the area and attacked the protestors with batons, stones, chairs and empty bottles.

The settlers also sprayed a number of residents with gas and threatened to shot them with live rounds.

Resident Nasser Al Ghawi stated that the protest tent became “a battle field”, and that Sunday’s attack wasn’t the first as the settlers are attacking the residents on a daily basis.

On Saturday evening, the settler carried several attacks and wounded at least one resident, identified as Khamis Al Ghawi, 59, was moderately wounded.

The Israeli police did not apprehend any of the settlers, but instead arrested a resident identified as Khamis Al Ghawi.

Several women and children were wounded on Friday after dozens of settlers attacked several Palestinian homes in the neighborhood and hurled stones and empty bottles at a summer camp for children.

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