Wednesday, 12 August 2009

as fronteiras de Rafah.... bombardeadas

fonte:Palestine Chonicle

Israeli warplanes have bombed a tunnel near Rafah City along the Gaza Strip border with Egypt, Palestinian security officials say. The air strike, the first since June 14, happened in the early hours of Monday (August 10) morning. This is while on Sunday, apparent Palestinian mortar attacks targeted the Karni and Erez border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel without causing any casualties or damage. Israel claims that more than 200 rockets and shells have been fired from Gaza since Israel's 23-day invasion of the Gaza Strip in December and January. Operation 'Cast Lead', which led to more than 1,400 Palestinian deaths, most of them civilians, and which devastated swathes of the coastal strip, was allegedly aimed at ending the firing of rockets from Gaza. (Reference for text: Press TV. Photo: AP/file)
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