Saturday, 3 October 2009

o negócio de vídeo

fonte: PC & AlAkhbar
الأسيرة لينان أبو غلمي لدى خروجها من معسكر عوفر في الضفة الغربية (دارين وايتسايد ــ رويترز)
a prisonieira Linan Abu Ghelmi (Reuters)
Video Deal
Israel has set free first 20 Palestinian women prisoners in exchange for a one-minute video showing the fate of a captured IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit. Bra'ah al-Malki, 15, was released late on Wednesday (Oct 2) after a judge ordered her freed. She was released to her family in Jenin as part of a rare agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to trade the 20 female prisoners for a confirmation of the young soldier's condition. According to a newly recorded videotape, kidnapped Israeli soldier is alive. The videotape has already been turned over to German mediators, and will be given to Israel on Friday when the prisoners are due to be set free. An Israeli government official said Wednesday the German mediators have already viewed the tape and confirmed that Shalit is alive, though no other details were released regarding his condition or the contents of the video. Shalit has been in Palestinian captivity since he was abducted by Gaza Strip fighters in a cross-border raid on June 25, 2006. In exchange for the soldier, Hamas has demanded the release of 1,400 Palestinian prisoners, including about 450 long-serving inmates. (Reference for text: Press TV. Photo:


Israel: Dezanove palestinianas libertadas em troca de video que mostra soldado Shalit vivo
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