Wednesday, 5 August 2009

a comemoracao do massacre de Shafa Amer


Shfa-Amr marks fourth anniversary since massacre

On Tuesday evening, hundreds of residents of Shra Amr town, north of the country, marked the fourth anniversary since the deadly attack carried out by a settler-soldier who boarded a bus in the Arab town and opened fire at the passengers killing four, including two sisters.


Dozens of residents were wounded until the passengers managed to subdue and kill the settler.

The four slain residents were identified as Michael Bahhout, Nader Hayek, Dina and Hazar Turki. The anniversary was marked by hundreds of residents of Shfa-Armr in addition to residents and Arab officials who came from different Arab cities and towns.

The ceremony started with a protest that took off at 6 on Tuesday evening, while the protesters chanted against the Israeli violations and commemorated all Arabs and Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation and its settlers.

The protesters first gathered in front of Shfa-Amr municipality and then marched towards the Christian cemetery to pray for the souls of Nader Hayek and Michel Bahhout, and placed roses on their graves.

They then marched towards the Muslim cemetery to visit the graves of Hazar and Dina Hayek, and read ‘Al Fateha’ (The Chapter of Opening in the Holy Quran).

The protestors continued their march in several parts of Shfa Amr, chanting for liberation and steadfastness while carrying Palestinian flags.

Several officials addressed the protestors and called on the Arabs to remain steadfast and to counter the Israeli violations and attacks against them.

Arab members of Knesset Dr, Jamal Zahalka, Mohammad Barakeh, Hanin Zo’by, And Afo Eghbariyya participated in the protest along with Mohammad Zeidan, head of the Higher Arab Follow-up Committee, and Ramiz Jaraysa head of the Regional Committee of the Local Authorities.

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, Mohammad Kana’a of the Abnaa elBalad – “Sons of the Land” movement, Sheikh Yousef Abu Obeid of the Druze sect, laywer Ahmad Raslan, Ahmad Hamdi, head of the Popular Committee in Shfa-Amr, Nahedh Khazim, Mayor of Shfa-Amr, and several other figures addressed the protesters and called for steadfastness and ongoing determination to end aggression.

The final speech was presented by Nisreen Turki on behalf of the bereaved families.

Arab MK Zahalka said that Arabs in Israel are not allowed to defend themselves, while extremist Jews do whatever they wish, and commit crimes against the Arabs and Palestinians.

He added that the leadership in Israel is also responsible for crimes against thousands of Palestinians in the country.

Twelve Arab residents were arrested by the Israeli police after the massacre, and faced charges for ‘killing the settler’. Zahalka said that the twelve youths were among hundreds of Arabs residents who rushed to the scene and the only thing they did was to defend themselves and stop the settler who was firing his automatic gun at random.

The attack in Shfa-Amr was carried out by Eden Natan-Zada, 19, an army deserter and a settler who moved from Rishon Letzion in Jerusalem, to the West Bank illegal settlement of Tapuah.

In spite of the fact that Natan-Zada was known to police as a member of the outlawed far-right terrorist Kach movement, he was not removed from the army and his weapon was not confiscated.


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