Thursday, 9 July 2009

patiente em Gaza morre por causa do bloqueio


Patient dies in Gaza due to the siege, death toll reaches 349

A Palestinian man from Gaza was announced dead on Wednesday after doctors were unable to treat him because of the Israeli siege on the Strip.

Patient in a Gaza Hospital � file photo 2009
Patient in a Gaza Hospital-- file photo 2009

Abed Al Haleem Zo'rob, aged 44, had brain cancer; he was denied from leaving the costal region to get the life saving medical care he needed. Doctors tried to save his life but due to the lack of equipments and needed medicine his condition became worse, until he was announced dead on Wednesday afternoon, medical sources reported.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that with Zo'rob's death, the total number of patients who died due to the Israeli siege has now reached 349. Israel placed the Gaza Strip under total siege in June of 2007. The cutting of food-,medical- and fuel supplies has left Gaza's hospitals unable to treat most patients. The military rarely allows patients to leave Gaza to receive medical care in the West Bank or Egypt.

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