Wednesday, 24 June 2009

beneficios sociais negados a mulher israelita por visitar marido palestiniano


Israeli woman denied social benefits for visiting Palestinian husband

By Dana Weiler-Polak

S. was born in Lod, where she lived all her life and is raising her four children. Her only sin, apparently, was in marrying a resident of the territories.

That was enough for the National Insurance Institute to continually investigate her, withhold her social benefits and humiliate her.

S., now in her eighth month of pregnancy, has two girls in kindergarten in Lod. She has worked in the city, owns an apartment and pays her bills on time.
She is also a client at the local Health Maintenance Organization and well-baby clinics in her neighborhood.

However, despite all these facts, the NII has determined that S. does not live in Lod, but rather in the territories with her husband, who is not allowed into Israel.

The NII decided this was the case following S.'s declaration that she had made a short trip to the territories. This means that all her social benefits can be taken away, including her child allowances and payment of her hospital bill when she gives birth, and health insurance for S. and her children.

The last NII investigation, which took 14 months, determined what the two others over the past six years have, that she does not live in Lod. The NII informed S. in a letter that she had 45 days to appeal the decision before her benefits were halted. However, they were stopped immediately.
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