Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Israel demolira 25 lojas árabes em Um Fahem


Israel to demolish 25 Arab stores in Um Al Fahem

The so-called Israeli Regional Committee for Construction and Planning in Haifa, issued orders for the evacuation and demolishing 25 Arab stores in the Market area, near the main road of Wadi Ara, in Um Al Fahim Arab town.

Image by Arabs48
Image by Arabs48

Um Al Fahim Mayor, Sheikh Khalid Hamdan, held an urgent meeting with the owners of the stores in question and informed them that the municipality stands with them since their stores were officially licensed by the municipality, and were approved by the Local Committee for Development and Construction.

The market area Israel is trying to demolish extends on dozens of dunams, and is considered the heart of Um Al Fahim’s economy.

The Israeli orders also include imposing fines on the owners of the stores; the fines in some cases are as high as 27000 NIS.

A store owner stated that he had to pay 27000 NIS in 2002 as a fine, and in 2006 he had to pay 22000 NIS.

He added that the situation cannot be tolerated anymore as the Israeli authorities are demolishing Arab markets and industrial zones instead of developing them.

Several store owners were previously forced to pay high fines, and the Israeli authorities already demolished two stores and a fuel station in the same
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